The MTN Foundation is the corporate social investment division within MTN whose mandate is to change lives and transform communities. Our policy is to bring about meaningful, measurable and sustainable change that will lay the foundations for disadvantaged and rural communities to become more self-reliant. All our interventions place a strong emphasis on capacity-building and empowerment. The MTN Foundation subscribes under four pillars, namely Education, Enterprise Development, Health and National Priority Areas.

A bulk of our focus is geared towards Education wherein 60% of our budget contributes to investing in education for all. Educational initiatives previously embarked on include the MTN Educare student website, MTN Educare Radio program for Maths and Science on SBIS, Schools Internet Connectivity project, Computer Simulation and Communication Laboratory, Cyber zone at the University of Swaziland, and Bushfire Schools Festival. CSR initiatives supported in the health sector include the free cataract surgery program, schools’ health project, ambulance donation and construction of an ICU ward at Mbabane Government Hospital. The foundation’s national priority footprint is made in supporting poverty and national disaster alleviation projects.


In 2012, the MTN Foundation (Swaziland) and Real Image Internet, partnered in the first ever Schools Connectivity Project (SSP), an ongoing project providing high schools with 3G Network technology and support for an improved internet experience. The MTN Educare is a sister initiative to the SSP, designing and implementing the first ever online learning resource for students in Swaziland.

The first MTN Educare website was launched in 2014, becoming Swaziland’s first and only online educational resource centre for students. This was done in partnership with Real Image Internet and The Knowledge Institute for web design and content provision. The Ministry of Education’s endorsement was key in implementing the platform in secondary and high schools. MTN Educare began at a high school level which has over 70 000 learners countrywide, in over 200 secondary and high schools, spread out across all four regions. In designing the MTN Educare, we drew from various e-learning initiatives from around the world, as well as different social media platforms, to design a collaborative and educational experience for students. In 2017, MTN Educare continues to provide online access to examination material through the assistance of the Examination Council of Swaziland. The University of Swaziland has also partnered with MTN Foundation to provide solutions for exam questions on the MTN Educare platform.

MTN Educare is built on latest technologies and standards, and is based on industry "Best Practice", and infrastructure with well-established learning practices, which will ensure the provision of top quality and uninterrupted e-learning experience. This year MTN Educare remains as an innovative mapped system of school information, teacher-student discussion boards, social networking with an educational focus and carefully curated local and international opportunities. Additionally, there is new and exciting content from the Macmillan Group!

Benefits of MTN Educare


As a result of technological advancements, e-learning is becoming more popular around the world due to its accessibility, it allows for students to learn at their own pace, read and review lectures, discussions, explanations and comments at their convenience. The MTN Foundation, through the MTN Educare does not want the Swazi student to be left behind as the entire platform has been developed for maximum benefit to the student, through friendly navigation and a mobile-friendly version of the MTN Educare website.

Through MTN Educare, educational information is always accessible to students, after class and during school holidays. Online participation is much less intimidating than in a physical classroom. Anonymity provides students a level playing field undisturbed by bias caused by seating arrangement, gender, race, age, etc.

Students can also think longer about what they want to say and add their comments when ready, increasing their engagement with learning. Online availability of examination material from previous years makes it easy for registered students to find all relevant information for the exams they will be writing. This will free up more time and opportunities dedicated to preparation and to the actual act of studying.

Students also have access to career guidance and a wealth of knowledge on the post-high school opportunities that are at their disposal.


In 2017, a new feature has been created specifically for teachers. This feature is a platform where teacher-specific resources will be shared. Information shared through the teacher platform will be able to reach any teacher in any part of the country with access to the internet.

Key MTN Educare stakeholders such will be able to filter information to teachers in real time, from notices on upcoming events and content aimed at empowering teachers.


The e-Government Strategy for Swaziland: 2013-2017 lists ICT and Education as one of the primary strategic targets. The eGov Strategy’s objectives regarding e-learning emphasizes the following as central to this strategic target:

  • Building an ICT literate society
  • Alleviating poverty; specifically, integrating ICT in Swaziland’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper, as well as integrating ICT for Education Policy in the PRSP.

    With this review in mind, Educare’s focus is on providing educational support online for students to achieve the eGov Strategy’s objective of developing digital competency in line with global trends in the information age through the use of the portal.

    Other Stakeholders

    Simple reporting and statistics generation from students’ use of the online MTN Educare resource enables relevant stake holders to measure the impact on the education sector, and on students’ studying and collaboration habits.

    For More Information on MTN Educare, Please send your queries to info@mtneducare.co.sz


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